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Some of the Most Common Ways Fire Starts

10/13/2022 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting out a house fire Some firefighters putting out a house fire

A fire alarm system from Circle City Security Systems could be the difference between life and death. A fire can be a devastating blow to any home or business. Knowing what you’re up against can help reduce the chance of a fire occurring significantly. Here are the top 8 most common fire starters.
Smoking Indoors
Smoking in a commercial building is illegal in almost every building in the United States. Many people, however, still smoke in their homes. People who have smoked for a long period of time typically begin to underestimate the power of one errant ash. You shouldn’t allow smoking in your home as it is not only a fire hazard but it is damaging to the structure.
Unmaintained Dryer Vents
Lint can quickly accumulate in dryer vents if they are not cleaned regularly. Lint burns extremely quickly and it only takes one spark or too much heat for the entire house to go up in flames. When installing dryer exhaust vents, avoid making the vent turn at 180 degree angles; that is a place for lint to easily accumulate.
Faulty Electrical Equipment
Your toaster from the 70’s may have sentimental value to you but perhaps you should just put it on display and buy a new one for toasting. Over worn cords and frayed electrical wires in electronics are a huge fire hazard.
Overloading Outlets
Another electrical hazard is overloading an outlet or extension cord. Never plug multiple power outlets into each other. A circuit breaker is a good protection from overloading but they do not guarantee safety from an electric fire from overload.
Candles look and smell great and can make your house feel like home. Unfortunately they can also make your house into an inferno. You shouldn’t ever leave the house with candles burning. Also make sure all candles are on a sturdy surface or holder that can’t fall over or be knocked over by a child or pet.
Speaking of children, they’re pyromaniacs!
It is important to talk to your children about the dangers of playing with fire. A large percentage of fires started are from children playing with it. Don’t leave matches or lighters laying around for a child to find and make sure they know they’re off limits.
Space Heaters
Space heaters or heat dishes are a great tool to help get warmth to unventilated parts of the house or the garage or shed. They do have the potential to be very dangerous, however. Nothing should be left to close in front or back of a space heater. The unit itself can get very hot, not to mention the air it disperses.
Perhaps the biggest cause of fires is careless cooking habits. You should always be attentive to your food especially when hot oil is involved. Open flame stoves are especially dangerous. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

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